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About Us combines my love of all things classic with the experience I've gained through a lifetime of painting and twenty years in the design industry.

I was lucky enough to begin my career working for Angelo Donghia and his brilliant furniture designer John Hutton, masters at timeless design.  Working later with Manuel Canovas Paris, and then Hinson & Company, I learned that when you start with great design, small changes in color, pattern and texture can totally reshape how you experience your environment.  One of my greatest thrills was when I suggested a new fabric design to Manuel Canovas and he named it after me.

The little black dress is the focus of every woman's wardrobe.  If you're like me, you feel the same way about bags, always on the lookout for a classic that's right for every occasion.

LBDB, the Little Black Dress Bag, pulls all of my experience and passion together into what I hope you will agree is an exciting new idea.  At the core of the idea are beautifully crafted, simply elegant totes, handbags and evening bags.  Each is a classic.  Each is carefully designed to let you attach whatever bow matches your mood, your outfit or the occasion.  All are complemented by equally classic belts you can use to accessorize your little black dress.

Thank you for visiting  I hope these new classics bring you many years of joy!

Classically yours, Michelle