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Little Black Dress Bag

Carry these new classics!

LBDB™ is a simply delightful line of bags, belts and bows that do for the art of accessorizing what the LBD did for the dress. Each Little Black Dress Bag™ comes with a simple black bow that you can easily switch out for something entirely different from our five bow collections. Turn one handbag into many by selecting a range of bows. Use one favorite bow on any bag. Either way you are acquiring classics that will enhance your personal style no matter the occasion.

Try as we might, no picture can capture the true beauty and craftsmanship of these pieces, which are available only here.  To make it easy for you to enjoy these fine bags, belts and bows, we offer free ground shipping.  If for any reason you are not delighted when you receive your order, we ask you to return your purchase for a full refund.

Enjoy the hunt for your favorite LBDB bags, bows and belts.

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